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Lux Model Session Promotion!

I have just received some beautiful new maternity gowns and newborn props and I offering a promotion to the next couple of sessions so I can try them out. Please visit my pricing page to see what’s included.

Montreal Maternity, Newborn and Family Photography


Someday your child will climb on your lap and listen in wide-eyed wonder as you tell them how you loved them even before they were born.  How you traced your fingers across a new curve and dreamed of meeting them for the first time.  And when the day finally came, they stole your breath away just by twining their tiny fingers around yours.

As they grew, you watched with joy as they discovered favorite foods and songs, giggled as they tossed spoons from high chairs and created games all their own.  Each month brought new delight, with changes coming just as you were getting used to the way things were.  Yet they were always eager, reaching, stretching for more.

Yes, someday their favorite story will begin:  “When you were a baby….”

I am Natalie, a Montreal maternity, newborn, baby and family photographer. I can help you illustrate your baby’s first love story – the one they share with you – in the secure familiarity of your own home. With a simple setup, I create classic, rich images that capture your eager anticipation and waiting arms in a flattering maternity shoot.  After your little one arrives, I can help ensure that each tiny finger and every first-toothed smile will be there to share with beloved family, and show the child as they grow.


Newborn Photography Montreal


Fingers, toes, bellies, eyelashes – there won’t be an inch of your newborn that won’t make your heart sigh.  The days will melt together, but time will press on, and soon every inch will start to grow and change.  A newborn photography session allows you to remember, forever, what it was like to feel the minutes slow and time suspend as you wondered at every yawn and sleepy gaze.

As a mother myself, I know that young babies and new parents are often the most relaxed in familiar surroundings. Using a simple, classic setup, I can bring the studio to you. You can have gorgeous images of your growing family without rushing out the door.

Montreal Maternity Photographer


The excitement of a new little one can make nine months feel like an eternity. I can help illustrate your growing love story with naturally flattering images.  A quiet, relaxed maternity photography shoot is a beautiful way to preserve the anticipation of a new life, and someday share it when the child asks how they came to be.

Montreal Baby Photography


The truth is, even as your little one grows, there isn’t a moment of that first year that isn’t magical.  With their eyes constantly alight with fresh discoveries, you’ll find joy in each new skill and contagious giggle.  Every month brings surprises and achievements and my baby photography milestone sessions can capture all the wonder of these beautiful moments.

Montreal Family Photographer


Do you have toddlers or older children? Families and children are always welcome in the studio and for a short time each spring and summer, we take the studio outside and celebrate the good weather with sandcastles, sun-soaked picnics, beanbag races, and whatever makes your child’s eyes light up.